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2, and for writers and editors of Wikipedia articles to write about controversial ideas in a neutral manner, it is of vital importance that they simply restate what is said by independent secondary sources of reasonable reliability and quality. Rhodes Tower 363 (111) Eaton Center 356 (109) Built as the Superior Square Center Renamed Eaton Center when Eaton became the main tenant in 1983 Headquarters of IBM in Cleveland Headquarters of the Cleveland Metropolitan School

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District since 2015 17 The Beacon (Cleveland) 355 (108). However, a lack of consideration or acceptance does not necessarily imply rejection, either; ideas should not be portrayed as rejected or carry negative labels such as pseudoscience unless such claims can be documented in reliable sources. 5, unlike many other major American cities, Cleveland was the site of relatively few skyscraper construction projects in the 2000s decade. quot;tions edit While proper attribution of a perspective to a source satisfies the minimal requirements of Wikipedia's neutral point of view, there is an additional editorial responsibility for including only those"s and perspectives which further the aim of creating a verifiable and neutral Wikipedia. Caution should be exercised when evaluating whether there are enough sources available to write a neutral biography that neither unduly promotes nor denigrates the subject.

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(See also Links normally to be avoided, Conflict of interest, Autobiography guidelines.) The neutral point of view policy requires that all majority and significant-minority positions be included in an article. 9 The two tallest buildings under construction are the 389 foot-tall Playhouse Square Apartment Tower and the recently commenced 355 foot-tall Beacon apartment building downtown on Euclid Avenue. "Project 29 Joining Westside's High-End Apartment Boom, Stoking Neighborhood 'Growing Pains. In-text attribution edit See also: In-text attribution and Assert facts, not opinions The careful use of sources is vital when writing about criticism of fringe theories. Links to non-fringe articles in fringe articles can also help aid the reader in understanding and remove the threat of creating a walled garden. "Developers plan high-rise apartment tower in University Circle, on children's museum site". Denied by all four Beatles (including McCartney, who is alive and well as of 2018 this conspiracy theory was fueled by "clues" found among The Beatles' many recordings. If the status of a given idea changes, then Wikipedia changes to reflect that change. 2, the tower has been the tallest building in the state of Ohio since its completion in 1991, and it also stood as the tallest building in the United States between. Wikipedia is not and must not become the validating source for non-significant subjects.

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For example, the erotische massage dordrecht dames die thuis ontvangen Moon landing conspiracy theories article may include material from reliable websites, movies, television specials, and books that sexe lieu public boulogne sur mer are not peer reviewed. A b "One University Circle". Stanley Meyer's water fuel cell ) may be treated as pseudoscience. Walker Center 208 (63) Lakeview Terrace Apartments nederlands porno gratis gratis pornoa 208 (63) Frank. (1978 "A consumer's guide to pseudoscience", The Saturday Review, April 29, 1978,. In the case of obscure fringe theories, secondary sources that describe the theories should be carefully vetted for reliability. If discussed in an article about a mainstream idea, a theory that is not broadly supported by scholarship in its field must not be given undue weight, 1 and reliable sources must be cited that affirm the relationship of the marginal idea to the mainstream. The governing policies regarding fringe theories are the three core content policies, Neutral point of view, No original research, and, verifiability. Scholarly opinion is generally the most authoritative source to identify the mainstream view. Note, however, that the mainstream scientific subjects are discussed and linked to in both of the above articles about fringe subjects (the Astrology article discusses astronomy, and Autodynamics discusses special relativity).

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Questionable science : Hypotheses which have a substantial following but which critics describe as pseudoscience, may contain information to that effect; however it should not be described as unambiguously pseudoscientific while a reasonable amount of academic debate still exists on this point. 3, the history of skyscrapers in Cleveland began in 1889 with the construction of the. Proposals which are generally considered pseudoscience by the scientific community, such as astrology, may properly contain that information and may be categorized as pseudoscience. A b "Terminal Tower". Care should be taken not to mislead the reader by implying that, because the claim is actively disputed by only a few, it is otherwise supported. References that debunk or disparage the fringe view can be adequate, as they establish the notability of the theory outside of its group of adherents. If no independent reliable sources connect a particular fringe theory to a mainstream subject, there should not even be a link through a see also section, lest the article serve as a coatrack. For instance, continental drift was heavily criticized because there was no known mechanism for continents to move and the proposed mechanisms were implausible. A fringe subject (a fringe theory, organization or aspect of a fringe theory) is considered notable enough for a dedicated article if it has been referenced extensively, and in a serious and reliable manner, by major publications that are independent of their promulgators and popularizers. Such theoretical formulations may fail to explain some aspect of reality, but, should they succeed in doing so, will usually be rapidly accepted.