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Suspending the Constitution in 1977, General Zia-ul-Haq took over the presidency in 1978. The President is kept informed by the. Past Interventions edit The general elections held in 1977 resulted in an atmosphere of civil unrest instigated by the right-wing alliance, the Pakistan National Alliance. After he was unable to reach a compromise between the PPP and the Awami League, President Yahya Khan invited Nurul Amin of the Pakistan Muslim League to become the Prime

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Minister, and also appointed him as the first Vice President. 28 The notice is sent up to the President, and 14 days later it is taken up for consideration. 3, the current President of Pakistan is Arif Alvi. After appointing Rafiq Tarar, the Parliament successfully passed constitutional amendment to decisively limit the presidency. With the promulgation of the first Constitution, Pakistan became an Islamic republic in 1956, and the Governor-General was replaced with the presidency.

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The growing instigated violence against Pakistanis in East Pakistan forced President Yahya Khan to use force in order to maintain order there, which further escalated Bengali resistance (1970). 22 The constitution further states that election to the office of President will not be held earlier than sixty days and not later than thirty days before the expiration of the term of the President in office. 22 Also, legislators from larger states cast more votes than those from smaller provinces. Khan successfully campaigned against his opponent, Fatima Jinnah, for a second term, but some have alleged that elections were rigged in favour of Khan. 2, the office-holder represents the "unity of the. On, the electoral commission called for presidential nominations to be delivered by for elections to be held on 6 September 2008. 6, the president is indirectly elected by the.

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M "Pakistan presidential poll on September." Times of filmsterren vrouw happy massage India. May Allah Almighty help and guide me (A'meen). Article 54 Archived at the Wayback Machine in Chapter 2:The Parliament of Part III: voorbeelden van goede en slechte dating profielen The Federation of Pakistan in the Constitution of Pakistan. See: Movement to impeach Pervez Musharraf a b c d e f g h i j k l m Web Edition. In the absence of the President, the Senate Chairman takes over as the Acting President until the President resumes office, or the election for the next President is held. The, president of Pakistan urdu : adr-e Mumlikat-e Pkistn, Urdu pronunciation: sdr-e t-e is the head of state of the, islamic Republic of Pakistan and the civilian, commander-in-Chief of the. He reportedly suspended the first Constitution in 1958, and appointed Army Commander-in-Chief General Ayub Khan as the first chief martial law administrator. Islamabad: National Assembly press. In Urdu, (- ) Article 42 in Chapter 1: The President in Part III: The Federation of Pakistan in the Constitution of Pakistan Line of succession and removal edit Main article: Line of succession to the President of Pakistan The Constitution discusses the possibility. Article 177A(1) Archived at the Wayback Machine in Chapter 2:The Supreme Court of Pakistan of Part VII in the Constitution of Pakistan Article 45 Archived at the Wayback Machine in Chapter 2:The Parliament of Part III: The Federation of Pakistan in the Constitution of Pakistan. The general elections held in 1988 witnessed the victory of PPP in 1988, and appointed Chairman Senate Ghulam Ishaq Khan to the presidency. Article 47(1)-(2) Archived at the Wayback Machine in Chapter 1: The President, Part III: The Federation of Pakistan in the Constitution of Pakistan. The events leading to it resulted in military intervention by chief of army staff General Zia-ul-Haq and Chairman Joint Chiefs Admiral Mohammad Shariff. Conflict between Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and President Ghulam Ishaq Khan arose in two areas regarding the issues of appointments. A populist constitutional movement eventually resulted in Musharraf's departure. The presidency forms the vital institutional organ of state and is part of the bicameral Parliament. There have been a total of 13 Presidents.

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